21 Truths About Being An Only Child

Thought Catalog

1. Whenever you tell people you’re an only child, they skeptically look you up and down before saying something cryptically judgmental and casually insulting, like “Hmm really? You don’t seem like an only child,” or, worse, “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense actually.”

2. No matter how old you get, you’ll still always be an “only child.” It’d be cute if it wasn’t so patronizing.

3. People ask whether you had a lot of imaginary friends. Are they kidding? My imaginary friends had imaginary friends. Now excuse me while I place the second controller of my SEGA Genesis into the trusting hands of my teddy bear so we can get some two-player action going on in here [while weeping violently on the inside].

4. In the July 2010 issue of Time, Lauren Sandler wrote that, “Since the early ’60s… single-child families have almost doubled in number…

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