So yup this is it.

Welcome to my Blog, right now approximately there are about 3.4 billion girls in the world, and hey I’m one of them. And you get to read her blog. Lucky you 😉 I will randomly post pictures I take with my little purple camera,(which I love)  stories about my life,school, being a teenage Christian, and other typical topics … 😛

STORIES: All of the stories I write are 100% true, and have either happened to me, or a friend.

POEMS: I actually love these, so any feedback is welcome.

PHOTOGRAPHS: I am an amateur, but I love photography so much, any tips, feedback on how I can improve will be welcome!

A little bit about this blogger:
I am an Afro Caribbean Teenage Girl, with crazy afro hair, <(tends to have a mind of it’s own) and geeky glasses. B)


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